Mohamed Bedewi – Building a Weaponized Honeybot

Honeybots are a sophisticated security control which can be used as a stress reliever in case of persistent targeted attacks and to understand attack patterns to […]

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Mohamed Bedewi – Attacking the Unknown

Anonymization techniques are a double-edged sword invention as they can be used by journalists to communicate more safely with whistleblowers or by malicious users to commit […]

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Malware Security UAE Saudi Qatar

Yehia Mamdouh Deep Inside Malicious PDF (Malware Security)

Attack come from where? Most of the attacks in this days are focused on client side attacks, when attacker target company or organization network they face […]

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Usman Khan Bash Shell Shock and Mitigation

Shell lock is the recent vulnerability discovered in Bash. This is the most recent major vulnerability found after the open SSL heartbleed. In order to understand […]

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Mohamed Bedewi – Evading Infrastructure Security

The network is the entry point to your applications, it should be properly configured and secured using different and various security solutions to accomplish defence in depth mechanism so it could stand up against the latest sophisticated security threats but the problem is that there’s always away to bypass even the most advanced network security solutions.

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Mohamed Bedewi – Vulnerability from the Future

The ability to manipulate the DOM at the client-side without notifying the vulnerable web application, persist at the client-side using HTML 5.0 Application Cache and Local Storage, mutate to serve as a zombie in command and control environment and finally escalate privilege to code execution.

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Usman Khan Web Application Security

Usman Khan-DTS Web Security Solutions, A 360 Approach

Web Security is the key challenge nowadays for Enterprise around the globe. The very nature of such application require to have a public interface or an […]

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